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You’re probably here because you only know enough about IT to get you into trouble.

And isn’t that half the problem? You know enough, but it’s not enough to query that latest IT service provider invoice. If you did, you might get a technical explanation that you simply don’t understand, but pretend you do, and pay it anyway.

Because you just don’t know.

Our IT Audit/Reviews service can highlight areas in your organisation’s IT systems that need looking at, be that one specific part or all of it. We also offer a Temporary IT Manager Service and a Virtual CIO Service. A popular option is also Phishing Education and Training, and something that has proven results is our Phish Testing Service.

“I highly recommend ICON IT if you are looking to have an IT Review completed for your company.  ICON IT through our systems, interviewing our staff and the various IT-based support companies that we use, and at the end of this process provided us with a detailed report that included recommendations on what we should do to improve our services, decrease our costs and improve how staff access and understand the technology we use to do our jobs.  Implementing their recommendations has resulted in a significant decrease in expenditure, a change to new IT providers with improved service, better access to our technology, much improved cyber-security and many other benefits.

 Steve Williams, Business Services Manager, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ

At a base level, we want to keep things simple – IT doesn’t need to be complicated. At times when it needs to be complicated, we will explain whatever it is we are investigating for you in terms that you will understand. There’s no point in nodding your head if you don’t understand what’s being presented to you; no one wins in that scenario.

Find out more about Icon IT Limited and its services, and how we can help you to sort out your IT issues.

Icon IT Limited are Wellington-based consultants, but have some remote clients, and can travel if the need arises.

Note we only provide independent and unbiased advice and consultancy services. Other than possibly using our Temporary IT Manager service, we are not ‘hands-on’ fixing computers and servers etc. We are here to make sure your IT team or IT provider is giving you the best possible advice and service.

Wellington, New Zealand

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