Why Should I Get An Independent IT Review?

Let’s say you feel that your IT systems aren’t working as well as they should be. Are our backups safe from ransomware? Do we have the correct security measures in place to reduce our IT security risks? Why do all our computers seem so slow?

Too often, a company will simply call their IT provider with their concerns, and this might lead to that IT Provider suggesting a full IT review to highlight any problems. Great! Since they know your systems so well, this seems like the best option.

But is it?


Yes, your IT service provider should know your systems, but more often than not it’s better to have a fresh pair of eyes look over things. Too many times, an IT provider will miss something that they should see, simply because they are so used to your systems.

As an example of this, lately Icon IT has identified security issues on client sites – very simple but alarming issues that should have been highlighted or simply rectified instantly by the IT service provider (or Managed Services Provider – the MSP).

One example of this is guest access to the company’s wifi. This company didn’t have it, so reception was giving out the general wifi password to any visitors or clients who asked for it. This in turn meant any of those people could have, if they wanted to, started poking around the company’s network, and potentially downloaded files and client information. As you can imagine, that’s a worst-case scenario, but it definitely could happen.

We’ve seen many other incidences where an MSP has missed something obvious, or have not given the correct advice to a client.

That’s not to say most MSPs are terrible – most are excellent, but it doesn’t take much for familiarity to put blinders on the eyes so things are missed. The last thing you want with an IT Review is for something to be missed.

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Then there’s also the scenario of a new MSP that comes knocking on your door, offering you a ‘free’ IT Review. Sounds too good to be true! The danger here, and we’ve seen it time and again, is that the review that’s delivered will make it look like the roof is about to fall down. It will likely be doom and gloom, perhaps suggesting that you might as well just close the doors.

Naturally some MSPs that wants your business will make a report out to be worse than things are, just to make you want to leave your current MSP and move to the new one, the night in shining armour who will fix all those broken things.


There is no doubt that an independent audit of your IT systems is Best Practice. It means you get those fresh pair of eyes, and not knowing your systems from the outset is a positive; it means that we can ask those questions because we don’t know the answers, and often those questions will find holes or issues in your IT systems.

We also don’t have any agenda; we aren’t out to sell you the most expensive piece of kit, or tools/systems that you either don’t need or are overkill for what you actually need. Our mantra is “what’s best for the organisation”. We work out what’s best for you and tell you what that is. If you don’t need that new widget, we aren’t going to suggest it.

Then there’s the cost. Yes, that new MSP might say “here’s a free IT Review” but as mentioned, this may be in their best interests. They will get that money back from you, so essentially it doesn’t end up being free.

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Also keep in mind the cost of an independent IT review. We have yet to come across a case where we have done an IT review, and not saved the company many times more money than the review actually cost in our time. In one recent case, the company paid just 10% for the review costs compared to the savings they will make. The ROI for an independent IT review cannot be overlooked.

Again, most MSPs are great, and we have worked with many of them. But no matter how good they are, they can still miss things since they are already working with your systems.

On another note, it’s a great sell to your board (if you have one). When discussing any IT review, to say you are having an independent IT review will get nods of approval from your board members who are switched on. They will understand the importance of it being independent.

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