IT Audit; Phones – Mobile and PABX


Telephones – both mobiles and onsite (‘PABX’) – are one of those budget items that can seem to spiral upwards far too quickly. You may even be thinking about moving to another provider, but simply don’t have the time to investigate this. Icon IT can do an audit/review of this for you> We would report on your current costs/setup (either PABX, mobile phones or both), and then advising back to you (if required) other options and ballpark costs.

Remote Working

Due to the nature of more remote working, other options have suddenly become more attractive. While there are many PABX systems out there that allow users to have a ‘softphone’ on their work laptop to make/take calls offsite, it is another piece of software that needs upgrades and maintenance.


This could be the time for your organisation to look to using Microsoft Teams for all your phone calls. It means less software install and maintain – a great way to help Keep IT Simple – and potentially less cost. More and more users are looking to dump their desk phones for more desk real estate, and let’s face it, the amount of actual phone calls the average worker gets now is pretty minimal. We would review your phone records and report back on exactly how many calls you are receiving, or making. You will still get staff members with absolute certainty that they get ‘lots of calls’, but phone calling records may well disprove this.

Audit Time

All of this can be revealed in an audit of your communications systems. As we keep saying, we aren’t biased so if Microsoft Teams is not right for your organisation, we aren’t going to recommend it. It’s all about what’s best for your organisation or company, not what anyone is trying to sell you.

Feel free to check out the Case Study on Microsoft Teams here.

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