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You might wonder why you would want any, or all of your IT systems audited. Surely, this is something your IT staff could do, or your IT service provider?

You certainly could ask your IT provider to do this, but keep in mind they aren’t exactly unbiased. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t deal with them, but understandably any solutions they might suggest to a problem found is likely going to be a product or service they sell. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right solution for your organisation, but you can see how that’s what they would want to propose. It’s good business sense, although perhaps not best for your needs.

And of course, if you have your own in-house IT team or staff, you could ask them to review a part or all of your IT systems. The danger in this is that often people who work in a certain IT environment for a long time get used to it, and simply cannot see any ‘holes’ or problems because they are working with it every day. This is where you need a fresh pair of eyes, an outsider’s perspective, to see where there are any gaps in your systems, your backups, your security etc.

We are independent

Icon IT is not locked into any product, supplier or brand. We are independent and unbiased so if we find something missing, the product we will propose will be the right fit for your organisation. Of course, this takes more time trying to find a product to fill a void, and you may only want us to identify any gaps, and that’s fine too.

We can look at a part or all of your IT systems, and give independent, unbiased IT advice on what we think you should be doing, or what changes we think should be made. That might mean you don’t need to change a thing, but at least you will have peace of mind when it comes time to report to the Board.

What is the audit process?

We will come sit with you for an initial meeting to scope out exactly what your requirements are for your IT Review or audit. We can discuss where you think the gaps are, and what you’d like us to focus on. It may be one thing only, or it may be a group of topics. This is totally up to you, as each item will have a time component to it.

As a client, you do not have to commit to having all the following items audited. You can simply ask us to review your backups, for example. If you do not require a full review or audit, we would simply provide a report on whatever section/s you asked to be reviewed.

A review is the initial step to an IT Road Map. If everything is well and good, you won’t need an IT Road Map.

Sample categories we can cover in an IT Review

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