IT Roadmap – solution


The solution may be as simple as something like upgrading all user’s computers to the same version of Windows, or the same version of Microsoft Office. However, it may also be a bit more complicated than that.

Take the CRM example given previously; it would be impossible to suggest a replacement CRM simply from doing an IT audit. While it may highlight issues with your current CRM, to investigate a replacement would require many hours to create a requirements document, then find a product to meet those requirements. So in this case the solution may be as ‘simple’ as finding a replacement CRM, perhaps with a few caveats like making sure it is cloud-based for Business Continuity, has a mobile app (perhaps you don’t have this now and staff have highlighted this as a major issue), and is more user-friendly.

An IT Roadmap should deliver you the actual steps you need to take to achieve you short term, medium term, and long-term goals. We will give you pragmatic advice with (where possible) ballpark costs to achieve each step. This could be replacing a certain amount of laptops that are well over their useful lifespan, or moving your email offsite to a service such as Microsoft 365.

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