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What is the biggest security risk facing your company or organisation?

It’s people.

It always has been, and it always will be. People click on things they should not, exposing your company to fraud, malware or ransomware attacks, just for starters – all via phishing emails. You can read our blog post on phishing and 2FA/MFA here. You may well find our Phish Testing Service exactly what your company is looking for.

What is Phishing?

Simply put, phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails and websites. This video is a good graphical representation of phishing.

To lighten the mood, watch this very short (39 seconds) and humorous video. It says it all:

Feel free to share this video with your staff. Anything you can do reduce the rate of users clicking on phishing email links has got to be a good thing.

Are you finding your staff are clicking on phishing emails, opening up your organisation to ransomware, or viruses? We run a Phish Testing service, where we will send test phish emails to random groups of staff, and then report back with the results.

Think you won’t be affected by phishing?

It’s so easy to put your head in the sand and pretend it will never happen to you. So, here’s some New Zealand stats:

phish testing service
phish testing service
phish testing service

Phish Testing Service in Wellington

Ideally we’d do the phish testing for you if you are based in Wellington. That’s because we come onsite to your premises in Wellington, after testing. We will educate the staff who are clicking on dangerous links face-to-face, to impact on them the danger of clicking on things they should be. Why face-to-face? It’s the best way of impacting to your staff the danger they are putting your company in, by clicking on things that they shouldn’t.

That’s not to say we can’t do this service remotely for your organisation, or certainly do the testing remotely then either travel to your site or do a Teams/Zoom meeting with ‘affected’ staff.

If you have recidivist offenders, face-to-face education is highly effective in reducing recidivism rates. We have proven this.

How do I combat phishing attacks?

There are technical ways of combating phishing attacks via your email service, and your IT service provider should already be doing this.

However, phish testing is key to your survival in a world of ever-increasing phishing attacks.

Chat to us about our Phish Testing Service, and how we can help educate your staff.

phish testing service

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