IT Audit – Photocopiers and Printers

Paperless office? Yeah, right. While that’s still a vision and for many, a target, we’re still a way away from the nirvana of the paperless office. We have no doubt some organisations are getting closer to this, but others seem to be ordering more paper than ever before.

So, photocopiers still have a place in daily office life. Like phones, it’s one of those costs that can escalate quickly, often for no apparent reason. But there are steps you can take to minimise the creep, and Icon IT can check if these are in place and advise you.

Of course, we can also negotiate contract renewals for you with your existing provider, aiming for a cost savings. This is while keeping in mind that while cost savings are great, you still want to have backup service from your photocopier company that’s prompt and efficient. We’ve seen many organisations that are planning to go to market to see what else is out there, regarding rates, service and features. But more often than not, the IT Manager or whoever manages the photocopiers simply don’t have time to do this. This is where we can take over for you, getting proposals to potentially replace your existing copiers, with all costs, benefits and service plans provided.

As a company giving independent, unbiased IT advise, we are not wedded to any photocopier company, so will advise on what’s best for your organisation, regardless of brand.

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