Temporary IT Manager


Is your IT manager going away, and you don’t have anyone on staff to stand in for them? We can do this for you with our temporary IT Manager service, and use the time onsite to look at your IT systems and give advice where requested.

Some companies take this opportunity to have someone such as Icon IT to come in and see how things are going on a BAU basis. It means a fresh pair of eyes, eyes that don’t know your systems and processes. We can take an outsider’s view of your IT systems, staff, and processes.


If you don’t want or need such help, we’re happy to simply be there to manage the team and do the normal things your own IT Manager would do, in their absence.

Not to undervalue your existing staff, but you might find that an ‘outsider’s’ point of view could be extremely beneficial to your organisation. While in place, this temporary IT Manager can observe while onsite and then report back to you or your IT Manager when they return. The scope of what is done during this time is entirely up to you. You may simply want someone to be onsite on a keeping things BAU while your IT Manager is away, and that’s fine. But you may also want that in-depth IT review to be carried out, time allowing. This is a great opportunity for those fresh pair of eyes mentioned above.

One-Man Band

There are of course organisations who have just the one ‘IT Guy’ and he’s generally considered the IT Manager, or some title close to that. Often that person is a hands-on fixit guy as well as doing the IT budgets, managing suppliers and other third parties. Can Icon IT do hands-on as well, where required? We sure can. Just get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Please contact Icon IT for more information on this service. You might find that a temporary IT manager is exactly what your organisation needs.

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