Phishing Education and Training for staff


As mentioned on the Phish Testing page, people are your number one problem when it comes to phishing emails being activated. Icon IT can educate your staff on what to look for in an email to see if it is a phish, but first let’s cover off phishing emails.

Someone has to respond, someone has to click, someone has to react. Sure, we hope they don’t click on that dodgy link in an email, but people have, and will continue to do so. This is why we offer phishing education and training for your staff in a short 30-minute timeframe.

While you can implement systems to reduce the risk of actually getting a phishing or whaling email, one cost-effective defense against phishing and whaling is education.

Fred is highly experienced and knowledgeable, professional and personable.
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Amanda Stevens, Ben Stevens and Team Real Estate

If you can educate your staff on what to actually look out for, they are less likely to click. There are horror stories almost weekly of companies losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in New Zealand. We do not want you to be next in the newspaper, and we’re absolutely sure you don’t want to be either.


Icon IT offers a Phishing Education service, where we come onsite for a 30-minute session with up to 30 staff in a single session, and go through a process of educating them.

This starts with why we don’t want your company hacked or scammed, to lay it out bluntly. Jobs are on the line if a scam email goes too far.

We try and keep the session humorous and engaging, and response to date has been excellent. As you can see from one of our blog posts, one business owner who attended a session avoided clicking on a 100% scam email simply because she had attended the session. That was the only reason.

I really trust the ‘unbiased’ nature of Icon IT’s services. I asked them to come in to do the simple Phishing presentation to my staff and we were all blown away by some of the facts they gave us laymen, and I think we came away with an easy-to-understand insight into the world of digital risk.”

Iselde de Boam, Absolute Therapy

We come onsite, educate your staff, and answer questions. We don’t go too far or wide, and instead keep it focused on phishing. By trying to cover too many subjects, it’s easy to lose people’s concentration. Phishing education and training for your staff in 30 minutes could be the most cost-effective way to stop being hacked via email.

The cost, compared to what you could potentially lose, is extremely low. Contact us now for more information, or to book a session. In fact, we are so certain you will get value for money, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what is delivered. You can’t ask for more than that.

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