Virtual CIO Service


You might be wondering why on earth your organisation would need to use our Virtual CIO service. Let’s start with, I don’t know what I don’t know. This saying is all too familiar. You get asked by your IT provider to sign off on some expensive piece of hardware, or they are suggesting that you upgrade to the latest and greatest widget.

But do you need that new widget, really?

Is it just an upsell to a product you might not actually need, but they’d like to sell you? There are many fantastic IT providers out there, but wouldn’t it be nice for your piece of mind to know what’s being put in front of you is priced accordingly, and is actually needed?

That’s where our Virtual CIO service comes in. While many smaller organisations understandably don’t have a Chief Information Officer (CIO), they often can make use of one. Only an email or phone call away, you can send us anything IT-related that you aren’t sure about or need advice on.

Have an IT project that you simply haven’t got time or resource to carry out? We may be able to help.

We can come and go as needed, assisting perhaps with some staff training, helping staff deal with a change in systems, renegotiating a printer or mobile phone contract on your behalf – anything that you simply don’t have the time for, or don’t have the skills for.

Contact Icon IT for more information on our Virtual CIO service.

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